Release Notes


Bug fixes:
– added Application class to store global objects
– added analytics to improve UX


Bug fixes:
– there was a problem with reading coils status in some specific configurations. Now it is corrected.
1) I’ve implemented two more Modbus-TCP functions: 0x06 (Write Single Holding Register) and 0x03 (Read Holding Registers)
Having these functions it is possible to:
– control dimmers
– control curtains
– control temperature
2) We have now new type of item called rowreg which represent single row in ListView displayed on your screen. The new row type has special feature – it can be swiped to the right direction. When you do so, you can chose desired value of Holding Register. Here you have example configuration of rowreg item.
<title>This is example</title>
<description>example of item to control Holding Registers</description>

here you have brief description of new tags related to rowreg
<icons>ic_stick</icons> – represents set of icons to be displayed. Alternate values: ic_bar or ic_bars
<reg>180</reg> – represents the address of Holding Register in your PLC. Please remember, addresses starts from 0
<minvalue>0</minvalue> – this is the minimal value to be set when you move slider extreme left
<maxvalue>100</maxvalue> – this is the maximum value to be set when you move slider extreme right


Bug fixes:
– state check bug for coils at address > 2000, now you can use coils starting from any range
1) now we are able to setup different coil address for reading status (which is evidenced by light bulb icon) and different coil address for action (which is used when you click on item) how to do it ? Just use <coil> and <coildisplay> tags here is an example:

<description>coil=@2026 coildisplay=#2025</description>

2) we can also setup the item to be, if I can say so “unclickable”. I have introduced new tag <access>. if you write there ro – which stands for ReadOnly – the row will never response to click event. Here is an example:

<description>c=@2027 cd=#2027 access=ro</description>

3) we can also setup different mode of writing the coil. It is introduced with new tag called <mode>.
Possible values
toggle, or just skip this tag – it will toggle the state of the coil after pressing the item in listview
switchonoff – it will set the coil to ON status, then it wait abount 2 second and then set the coil to OFF status
switchon – it will just set the coil to ON, regardless the current state of the coil
switchoff – it will set the coil to OFF
here is an example with switchonoff mode

<description>coil=@2028 coildisplay=#2028 access=rw mode=switchonoff</description>

4) we also get rid of following tags: and <quantity>. They are ignored staring version 1.36 – I calculate the start address and quantity using coil and coildisplay values – I had to do it because it was very confusing to some users to understand the purpose of startaddress and quantity.


One thought on “Release Notes

  1. Excellent application. It works when I use it in my local network, but when I change the Ip address in xml file using a domain, the app crashes when it starts.

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