java lib for Modbus communication

.. we are opening the source code.

It was some kind of the weekend project, but it’s real, up and running now. The MODBUS/TCP client library (which has been included in IQarium) is available on GutHub. You are free to download it and use it as you wish.

Link to the git repository:

For your convenience I made a simple CLI wrapper to communicate with the PLC using command line. Just download compiled java archive (mbcli.jar) from and use your favourite java runtime to set/read modbus coils or registers from command line.

To run the app and display the usage help message just do:

java -jar mbcli.jar -h

have fun …
p.s. with FATEK plc works great


it’s time to reanimate this project

good news

after few years of absence, I’m gonna to reanimate this project 🙂 So, if anybody of you would like to participate let me know: – I would appreciate your participation in rebuilding the IQarium app – the source code will be open source. It depends on your feedback if it will be under GPL or MIT License. Just let me know.

So, if you want to have real influence to how the app is developed please join me. Minimal Android development skills are required, no commitments, deadlines … , so pure fun remains 🙂