Some more details …

..on Hardware stuff

I’ve received very warm feedback from you via emails – thanks :). You’ve ask me the question how the weather station has been made. So, here are some details about it.
First you have to know that I did my prototype based on Arduino Nano 3.0 and breakout boards from SparkFun (BMP180 sensor – LGA package) and Pololu (step-down voltage regulator). All others sensors have quite “soldering friendly” packages, so there is no problem to mount them on the PCB. I’ve also decided to use breakout board just to speed up the development. I have to admit that it works great and it saves a lot of space on PCB since I just plug breakouts into goldpin sockets. I’ve also made the PCB design to be manufactured by local PCB board maker. I’m still waiting for them but I’ve been informed that it will be shipped on Wednesday.
So, as you can see – next weekend I will have the chance to make a little personal “Silicon Valley” in my garage. I just can’t wait ..
Here is the PCB I’m waiting for:


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