Fragments are awesome!

IQarium v 1.35 is in production now.

We are using Android fragments.

That’s one small step for this app, one giant leap for it’s users 😉

Switching to Android fragments opens infinite possibilities including “giant leap” towards control of modbus-tcp registries. As you probably have noticed the main screen is rotating at the first application start-up. It’s one of the possible consequences of fragmenting User Interface in an Activity.
I had to find the way of displaying the numeric slider and I have did it – Android Fragments was the answer! I cannot say anything more now! It’s going to be awesome 🙂
Meanwhile, to test the Polls implemented in wordpress, I ask you what kind of animation do you prefer at the application startup:


Meanwhile …

A little bit of Art

I’m still working on the new functionality of reading and writing registers using Modbus-TCP. In the meanwhile I’ve prepared a little bit more modern layout of the main screen for left-hand people. If you like it I can change it. Drop me an email or write comments what you think.

User Guide released!

The first version of User Guide is valid for IQarium v1.32

Writing the documentation is really challenging! So, I’m very proud to announce that the first release of the Users Guide is finished. I’m looking forward for your comments or suggestions. As always, I’ll be very happy to help you!
The number of active installations of IQarium is rapidly growing, according to Google Play statistics. So I strongly believe the documentation I wrote will be very helpful.